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Lean on Me (6 pack)

Lean on Me (6 pack)

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5.5% ABV, 330ml per can.

Generously dry-hopped. Refreshing pale ale, high in citrus and stone fruit hop aromas.



A tribute to Friends and Friendships.

Lean on Me is the first beer we released in cans. Without the unwavering support from our friends, we would never have reached this major milestone. To all our friends, we dedicate this beer to you.

Friendships are like flowers. Nurture the budding friendships, cherish the blooming friendships and celebrate the friendships which once blossomed. Never forget the beauty these friendships have brought to your life.

We all need somebody to lean on sometimes. Celebrate the wonderful friends whom we can always lean on and pay it forward by becoming that somebody whom others can lean on.