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Don't Stop Believing (6 pack)

Don't Stop Believing (6 pack)

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6.8% ABV, 330ml per can

Double dry-hopped. A medley of tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Initial juicy mouthfeel ending with a moderate bitter finish.

NEIPAs are not brewed for long shelf lives or for aging. Hop aromas and flavours in NEIPAs are the most intense and enjoyable when you drink them fresh.  



Our first canned IPA, double dry hopped.

Pink Blossoms Brewing was founded on simple dreams. We want to share delicious flavours with our community. The fresher hoppy beers are, the more delicious they taste. We want our community to have easy access to fresh hoppy beers.

Don’t Stop Believing is our attempt at turning these dreams into reality.

Don’t stop believing in your dreams. Sometimes dreams come true for believers with the courage and the tenacity to chase their dreams.