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Pink Blossoms Day 2024 ticket
Pink Blossoms Day 2024 ticket
Pink Blossoms Day 2024 ticket
Pink Blossoms Day 2024 ticket

Pink Blossoms Day 2024 ticket

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  • 20 July 2024, 5pm - 11.30pm
  • Ticket entitles you access to 16 - 22 different types of beers (at least 8 are special brews or new).
  • No limit on how much you can drink.
  • Venue is at a secret indoor space at downtown Singapore. 




Let’s address the elephant in the room. Don’t we have an August 31 Saturday in 2024? Why are we doing this so early this year?


What started out 6 years ago as a casual invitation to try some of our special brews has now become an annual tradition. We have reached an awkward point where we can no longer host the celebrations at Ubi. It is also difficult to find a Goldilocks-sized space for our crowd size because the crowd size is too big for small spaces but too small for large spaces. Please share with me if you know a better event space we can use for PB Day 2025.


We have been sourcing for a new event space since we wrapped up PB day 2023. Despite the long search, we simply could not secure (i.e. guarantee plus chop) a space in August 2024 which can accommodate our celebrations. Rather than to roll the dice and risk PB day not happening at all in 2024, we had to move this forward and lock in the space.


Let’s also talk about how we plan to do things similar to or different from last year.

PB Day 2023 was held in a filming studio. We love the space (a lot). Some of you hated the stuffiness at the beginning, some of you loved the cool AC after the polar bears went outdoors. Most of you loved the spontaneous crowd and the large community brought together with the common goal of enjoying beers. The queue situation was mostly alright except from 8pm to 9pm. This was partly due to the Mango Sticky Rice giving us issues and partly due to many guests taking more than 2 drinks at one go.


We try to do things a bit better every year.


What worked well last year was to turn the celebrations into a one-ticket, no-limit event. We decided to keep the celebration in this format.


Indoor space was not big enough last year and it would be a downer if it rained. This year, we sourced very hard to find that Goldilocks-sized space. Everyone will have shelter if it rains.


We are finally taking that one-day break.  


The BeerTrucks and Ubi will be closed on Pink Blossoms Day and on the day after. PB day 2024 is a closed-door private event. Admittance will be strictly by tickets only. There will be no sale of tickets at the door. Once the tickets are sold out, they are really sold out because we are unable to accommodate more guests at the venue.


For some of you, this will be your fourth Pink Blossoms Day. For others, this could be your first. Regardless, I hope you could take some time to read through below because we are always trying to improve with each successive Pink Blossoms Day.





We have always been stubborn and stuck to things which are true to our values and beliefs. We started Pink Blossoms to brew tasty beers and to share the beers with love with our community. Some of these beers are so rich or high in alcohol that we will not be able to sell them to the masses or move them quickly. Others are loaded decadently with expensive ingredients which makes pricing them at the average beer prices not economically viable. What all these beers share in common is they are expensive to brew and do not make much profits for the brewery after accounting for the costs involved. We continue to brew them anyway because our love for tasty beers supersedes profit-making.


Although brewing these special beers is the primary reason why we started the Brewery, we cannot have all these special beers take up all our limited tap space or our limited cold room space all the time. We will not have enough working space for beers which keep the Brewery lights on and will not be able to feed the families of our dedicated team.  


Pink Blossoms Day is an occasion to thank our community and friends by sharing the special beers we love the most with them. When a large number of you gather to celebrate a common cause (i.e. the love for tasty beers), it is also the best time we could serve all these special beers and finish them quickly in one sitting. This allows us to quickly free up limited tap space and cold room space. It also allows us to price these special beers affordable for most while being financially responsible to those who depend on the Brewery to feed their families.


Pink Blossoms Day achieves many things for us on the same occasion. It not only balances our love for the craft with economic reality, but also allows us to share our love for the craft with the community and friends who appreciate it the most. It’s the occasion we look forward the most to every year.





Pink Blossoms Brewing was founded to share the beers we enjoy with our community. I don’t smoke in Singapore, but sometimes new recipes are written in my sleep.



16 to 22 different beers in one sitting!


The main highlight for Pink Blossoms’ Day has always been the special beers. Some of these beers are only brewed for and served on Pink Blossoms Day.


This year more of the heavier and new beers will be moved to be served at Ubi over August and September. Access to some of these special beers will be restricted and available only to Platinum / Gold / Silver members or to ticketed guests who attend PB Day 2024.


We will be running 16 taps that night. We have planned up to 22 different beers in the potential line-up. Looking to serve at least 8 beers which are not normally tapped at Ubi. Depending on our progress for the night, and whether the general crowd is still sober, we may release more than 16 different beers that night.


This is what you could expect in the line-up and back up for the evening:

·          Our most popular classics and seasonals,

·          A few (new) Double, Triple and Quadruple IPAs.

·          At least one Imperial Sour

·          At least one new fruited sour / fruit ale

·          Aged Belgian Quadrupel

·          Several imperial stouts, aged with oak and bourbon / whiskey


Pace yourself. We had too many casualties in 2023.


As with previous years, we are challenging ourselves with a few difficult new brews. If it passes my QC, they will also join the list above.


Glass vs Plastics

We would love to serve our (special) beers in our Teku Glass. However, after doing many external events over the past 2 years, the Police has made it very clear that only plastics cups will be permitted for events.


Serving size.

Too many choices and too many heavy beers. To allow everyone to try more special beers (or 16 different beers in one sitting) and not get too wasted, our standard serving size will be 5.5oz. Feel free to ask for a smaller size if you are unsure of a certain style. Feel free to go for additional helpings if you really enjoy a particular beer.



Please do not waste our hard work.


On PB day 2023, we saw at least 20 liters of special beers went down the drain. Many of which were left on the table untouched. As I was clearing up the beer hall last year, I had to drink many of these untouched cups because it was simply too painful to pour them away. Please do not break my heart again this year.


Even though we are not charging you based on the number of drinks you take, please do not hoard or take more than what you can consume. There are plenty of beers to go around, including the special beers. The beers will not be as tasty if they are left in the open and subject to oxidation.


Please do not chug on PB Day, do it at Oktoberfest. Many of the special beers served on Pink Blossoms Day are meant for sipping.


If you are unsure of a particular beer, ask for a smaller serving or share with a friend before committing to more.


Two Drinks per trip

Please observe this rule strictly. We all need to work together to shorten the queue times.


If anyone takes more than two drinks at each go, it not only increases spillage and wastage, but also holds up the line for everyone. Eventually it will snowball to a situation where people complain about long waiting time and nobody would then adhere to the two-drinks rule. This is a positive feedback loop of disaster.


Please let PB day 2024 be a day where we do not need to deal with Prisoner’s Dilemma.


To ensure we will get this done, this year we will deploy security to enforce this rule.





We are keeping this a secret for now. It will be in downtown Singapore. I will announce the actual location closer to event date.


The venue for 2024 will have the usual underground Indie Vibes we like. More so than last year. This time it will be next to an artsy venue. You could actually visit that artsy place before our celebration starts.


Compared to the venue in 2023, the venue this year is much bigger. We will be able to house everyone indoors in the event of rain. The space is semi open, so there will be less echo. No AC this year, but we will also be deploying A LOT of big ass fans. I hope no one will need to complain about the stuffiness again this year.


A LOT more toilets these year, so please do not pee in the bushes.


For outdoor space, we are still working with the landowner on how much space we could occupy. For those of you who enjoy the camping vibes, I believe this time would be slightly different with a whiff of salty breeze.





We are not planning to do food this year. In the event if we manage to get a food partner, we will announce this together with the release of our event details.


Bringing back a prophecy from past years:


Please BYO food as what you would normally do to Ubi. You could still order food delivery services and send them to the event space. However, please expect that there may be a lack of delivery drivers if all our guests choose to order at the same time. Also, drivers may get confused on who to deliver the food to if multiple guests order from the same restaurant around the same time.





There will be sufficient chairs for everyone this year. Please feel free to bring your own camping chairs if you feel more comfortable camping outdoors.


Our beer hall this year will have sufficient table space for 300 to 400 guests.





Doors open at 5pm. Platinum members and their guests will have priority access at 4.30pm.


Taps will close at 10.30pm sharp and all alcoholic drinks will need to be consumed indoors. No more outdoor seating after 10.30pm.


The party must end at 11.30pm. Although this is a private party in a private space, it will be a very long day for the team working to make this happen. I would appreciate your consideration so that they can go back timely to their families.