Min order for delivery: $90 | Same day fulfilment for orders received before 2pm

Activate Growler Pick-up and fills 32oz (950ml)

Activate Growler Pick-up and fills 32oz (950ml)

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From 16 May to 13 Jun 21, we offer a service to pick up, fill up and deliver your growlers. Purchase this item to activate a pick-up of growler from your home to be filled at our tasting rooms and delivered back to you.

Please ensure that you have purchased an Unlimited Growler Pick-up service. Otherwise, please purchase a One-time Growler Pick-up service with this order. 

 Activate Growler Pick-up and fills: Terms and conditions

  1. The Growler Pick-Up service and growler delivery service is valid from 16 May to 13 June.
  2. Please place your order before 2pm for your growler to be picked up on the same day you placed your order. For orders placed after 2pm, we will pick up your growler the next day after you place your order.
  3. We will send you an additional invoice if we fill up more beer than the volume you have paid for. 
  4. Growlers are not provided. To participate in this program, you need to have your own growler(s).
  5. Kindly observe our Growler Policy. We are unable to fill up growlers which do not meet the requirements under our Growler Policy and will charge a return fee to send back the growler.
  6. Minimum order for each delivery is 64oz (1.9l). This can be satisfied with 2 x 32oz (950ml) growlers. For this delivery program, we are unable to fill up growlers with capacity less than 32oz (950ml) – kindly visit our Ubi or Tampines tasting rooms to fill up small growlers.
  7. Filled growlers will be delivered the immediate day after we pick up the empty growler and after we confirm receipt of payment. Where possible, we will deliver the growler on the same day we collect the growler. We will fill up your growlers no earlier than 2 hours before we send them out.
  8. Please ensure that you have someone around on the days you want us to pick up the growlers or deliver the orders.
  9. Please ensure that your growlers are labelled with your name.
  10. We reserve the right to modify the above terms and conditions to address unforeseen situations.